中出しエロ漫画 A story about love love with Popura

● ’W○RKING!’ Minimum Lovely Tanashima Po○ra and their fiancee, you are a casual and easy -to -negotiate negotiations.

● Synopsis

・ Instead of intention, you have a fiancee called Minimum ●● Narashima Pa Ra -chan.

Regardless of the Ikiri, ’You’ and Pu Ra -chan are very love love ♪
Tonight, a petite fiancee has never started using that part that is ’not tiny’ to start a leading adult negotiations ♪

・ It is a casual one -coin manga !!
There is no part other than the etch.

● Work specifications
・ Monochrome manga work
・ All 12 pages (main part page 10)
・ Includes PDF files with the same content

* This work is a secondary creative for adults for ’W ○ RKING!’